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So, who's the villain?

Hi, welcome to my digital lair! I'm Levi Imlabla a.k.a. The Visual Villain a freelance digital designer/illustrator from The Netherlands. Why do I call myself a Visual Villain? Because breaking boundries and knowing no rules when it comes to design is what I do. This way creativity is stimulated and innovative ideas come to life. Something I not only do but also firmly believe in.

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What i do

Villain's powers.

Ah! Great to see you're interested in my specific design powers. Underneath you can see some of the areas where my special powers come to life. Yes, there are even more powers and I will gladly explain some more of my vicious powers. Just contact me (if you dare ghehehe).

Power: Brand Identity

So you're looking to empower yourself with fame and more visibility? As a villain I know what's best for getting the right brand for the right audience (or even world dominating attention ghehehe)

Power: UI/UX Design

Be a true leader and make your audience fall in love with your guidance/guidelines whilst roaming your online experience. (Or trap them and never let them leave your online environment ghehehe)

Power: Web Design

No, not the kind Spider-Man makes but creating lairs for others in need of online exposure. This will be your own personelized lair. The place where your audience will wanna stick around and contact you. (No, this was not a Spider-Man ad)

Power: Illustration

Ah yes, as a true villain this is something I do on a daily basis. Drawing out all of my plans and making it so clear that the visual itself speaks a thousand words. (Perfect for those kick me drawings to stick on someone's back ghehehe)

Power: E-mail

The power of e-mail is a great way to digitally communicate what you desire from the right audience. And next to designing this I can even code this for you. (Or spam them all day long like a villain does ghehehe)

Power: Banner Ads

With exposure of your brand, organisation or products it's usefull to extend this with banner ads. They often come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. (There's nothing better than a efficient and great banner...except Bruce Banner)


A small tasting

A true Villain never shows off their full potential. So here is just a small taste of what I can do (for you).

Leaflet Green Energy


ENGIE was in need for a leaflet layout which contained their updated brandingstyle.

UI/UX Design


A small taste of a huge project. Windesheim needed a new type of online environment for students and teachers to easily gain and edit information regarding educationtypes, semesters, statics per student etc.

Brand Identity

The Dutch Gamers

The Dutch Gamers were looking for a much needed rebranding and approached me with their needs and wishes for the correct Dutch type of logo.

Animated Banner Design

Koninklijke Oosterberg

Online banner campaign which was focused on getting new truckdrivers. I created multiple sizes in flat and animated (gif/mp4) designs.

Brand Identity + UX/UI Design

Donna Verde

This project had it all; building up the brand from scratch and designing the total online experience.


Skating to infinity

This is a taste of my own illustration work which I mostly post on my instagram page. Check it out sometime: @visualvillain

Mini gids Roadguard

Centraal Beheer Roadguard

Centraal Beheer Roadguard needed a mini explanation guide for their new on-demand roadside assistance app.

Brand Identity PwrUp


PwrUp is an initiative of ENGIE and ComCam. PwrUp needed a complete Brand Identity and online enviroment. See for their website.

You've made it this far

"So are you looking for effective digital design that actually works? Don't hesitate to contact me with your (vicious ;) ideas and ambitions. I'm up and ready for the challenge."

So, you wanna keep in touch?

Sure, I know being in touch with a villain doesn't seem to be a good idea but keep this in mind; Doesn't the villain always bring out the good? Simply drop me a line at

Where to Find Me

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